«InvestProect» LLC within the last period from the moment of its foundation  has gathered the experience sufficient for the promotion of sales of the medical equipment (i.e. different medical systems, devices, articles, products, apparatus and instruments, appliances and supplies) on the Russian market in the different market segments, as well as within the different price ranges.

We deliver the equipment made by the leading internationally known manufacturers which are the leaders of the sales in Russia within the last years. Among such manufacturing companies are «Abbott Diagnostics», «Advanced Back Technologies Inc.», «BAXTER, B.BRAUN, Carl Zeiss Surgical GmbH», «Dillon Technologies Inc.», «FRESENIUS MC, JOUAN S.a.», «GE Healthcare», «GILARDONI S.p.A.», «Кarl Storz, Maquet GmbH», «Miele & Cie KG, «Olympus Medical Systems Corp.», «PLANMEC Oy», «RADIOMETER MEDICAL A/S», «SCHMITS und Sohne GmbH», «VIKING  SYSTEMS Inc.», «GE Healthcare, «ZONARE Medical Systems Inc.» companies, as well as the other world-known manufacturers of the medical equipment. The products made by the South-Korean manufacturers rank second to none, because their price to quality ratio is optimal for all market segments, especially for the middle segment. Among such manufacturing companies are «Advanced Imaging Laboratory», «COMED Medical Systems Co Ltd.», «CUREXO», «MEDIANA», «Mega Medical», «N-TECH», «RENOZEM», «SciMedix Korea» companies and some other Korean manufacturers.

We have established the stable partner working relationships with many leading Russian manufacturers of the Russian medical equipment, devices, instruments and appliances.

The main standards for selection of the equipment are the novelty of applied technologies, medical and technical characteristics (performance) of the equipment, nature of the design improvements, and, therefore, the doctor-specialists` level of satisfaction in their corresponding needs taking into account the current level of development of the medical specialities pertaining to disease prevention and treatment, as well as the price to quality ratio of the articles. The other standard for selection of the equipment were the abilities of the different manufacturers to carry out the quality guarantee and post-guarantee repair of the medical equipment as well as to service it within the guarantee and post-guarantee periods.

The broadest range of the medical equipment to be delivered to our Customers allows our Company to equip the health-care agencies with the most up-to-date advanced systems: beginning from the up-to-date high-technology monitoring systems of the health status of population and ending with the hemodialysis systems, i.e. almost in all disease prevention and diagnosis & treatment specialities.

«InvestProekt» Limited liability Company has gained the highest rating in the sphere of rendering of the different services to its Customers, namely, in the sphere of marketing, deliveries, commissioning, warrantee repair and service of the medical equipment, as well as the organization of training of the medical personnel by offering the broadest range of products to be delivered to our Customers, optimal price to quality ratio of these products, by executing the assumed contractual obligations in a very strict and precise manner, as well as by demonstrating the highest level of the professional competence of our personnel to our potential Customers.

The experience gained by the personnel of our Company in equipping the different Prevention and Treatment Centers with the modern medical systems and the widest range of the medical products and systems offered for delivery to our potential Customers allows «InvestProekt» LLC to take a comprehensive approach to planning on equipping or re-equipping the health-care agencies on the whole as well as their separate structural units and departments with the modern medical systems. The personnel of our Company can always provide comprehensive and detailed consultations on all matters relating to the modern medical systems and products offered by us, beginning from the matters pertaining to selection of the required medical equipment and ending with the matters concerning training of the medical personnel.

Our Company has carried out the projects on deliveries of the medical equipment for the health-care agencies situated in Moscow («Zelenograd city hospital № 3 of Moscow Health-care Department» State Health-care Agency), Saint-Petersburg «Saint-Petersburg city clinical oncologic dispensary» State Health-care Agency, «Saint-Petersburg polyclinic for stomatology and dental prosthetics» State Health-care Agency), Leningrad Region («Leningrad Region Clinical Hospital» State Health-care Agency), the Republic of Tatarstan «Children`s Republican Clinical Hospital» State Health-care Agency), Belgorod Region («Belgorod combined clinical hospital named after Saint Iasaaf» State Health-care Agency), Volgograd Region («Volgograd combined central clinic» State Health-care Agency) and other regions.


Within the framework of the federal program officially called «Modernization of the public health service» our Company has now completed deliveries of the fluoroscope X-ray units (S-arch systems) to the hospitals situated in the Rostov Region and, besides that, at the present time it is supplying them with the endovideo-assisted surgical systems designed for carrying out surgical operations in 3D format, as well as with the surgical equipment, devices and instruments.

Our Company has implemented the program for re-equipping the medical institutions belonging to the Russian Defense Ministry with the monitoring systems (the Military Medical Academy), the surgical and gynecologic equipment (the 3-rd Central Military Clinical Hospital named after A.A.Vishnevskiy), dental units (Diagnosis and Treatment Centre of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces), magnetic resonance imaging scanners, sets designed for osteosynthesis and implant sets, hemodialysis equipment, endovideo-assisted surgical systems in 3D format and all instruments pertaining to them, electro-diagnostic equipment, equipment designed for anaesthesiology and resuscitation, fluorography digital units, sterilization and disinfection equipment, medical furniture and the other types of equipment (the military hospitals pertaining to the RF military regions and fleets).